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Calculating Dosage

Calculating the correct dosage is a critical part of establishing an effective alternative cancer treatment for your loved one.  Too little and the treatment will be ineffective, too much and you can harm them.

The daily dosage of DCA is determined based on the body weight of your pet.  Currently, the safest dosage administered should be between 4.55 and 9.09 milligrams per pound of body weight (per day), with exception to brain cancer, which is 5.45 milligrams per pound of body weight (per day).  Exceeding these limits is unwise as it may cause TLS (tumor lysis syndrome).  If the tumor is attached to the wall of an organ (such as a lung), exceeding recommended daily dosages may result in the reduction of tumor so rapidly that the body isn’t able to restore the missing tissue fast enough.

The difference between the recommended doses above are:

  • 9.09 mg of DCA per pound (per day) is recommended treatment dose for pets that are actively treating cancer
  • 5.45 mg of DCA per pound (per day) is recommended treatment dose for pets with brain cancer
  • 4.55 mg of DCA per pound (per day) is recommended maintenance dose for pets who are fighting recurrences of cancer

Below is a guide that will help you calculate the correct daily dosage for your pet.

Body Weight
in Pounds
5 lbs
22.7 mg
27.24 mg
45.4 mg
10 lbs
45.4 mg
54.48 mg
90.8 mg
15 lbs
68 mg
81.6 mg
136 mg
20 lbs
90.7 mg
108.84 mg
181.4 mg
25 lbs
113.4 mg
136.08 mg
226.8 mg
30 lbs
136.1 mg
163.32 mg
272.2 mg
35 lbs
158.8 mg
190.56 mg
317.6 mg
40 lbs
181.4 mg
217.68 mg
362.8 mg
45 lbs
204.1 mg
244.92 mg
408.2 mg
50 lbs
226.8 mg
272.16 mg
453.6 mg
55 lbs
249.5 mg
299.4 mg
499 mg
60 lbs
272.2 mg
326.64 mg
544.4 mg
65 lbs
294.8 mg
353.76 mg
589.6 mg
70 lbs
317.5 mg
381 mg
635 mg
75 lbs
340.2 mg
408.24 mg
680.4 mg
80 lbs
362.9 mg
435.48 mg
725.8 mg
85 lbs
385.6 mg
462.72 mg
771.2 mg
90 lbs
408.2 mg
489.84 mg
816.4 mg
95 lbs
430.9 mg
517.08 mg
861.8 mg
Calculating the correct dosage is easy once you understand the formula.

To calculate the correct dosage amount (in milligrams):

(weight) x (4.55 mg, 5.45 mg, or 9.09 mg) = daily dosage

Note: It is highly recommended that you split the daily dosage into two doses and give them to your pet 12 hours apart.

For example, if your dog weighs 70 lbs and you were giving him the treatment dose of 9.09 mg/lbs, you would be giving him 636 mg of DCA per day.  Splitting the dosage would mean you would give him 318 mg of DCA in the morning, and then another 318 mg of DCA 12 hours later.

If you have any questions or would like us to assist you in calculating the dosage, please send us a message from out Contact Us page and give us the type of cancer and his/her weight.

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