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Refund Policy

Thank you very much for your recent purchase from

Our Return and Refund Policy

Our Promise

  • We accept returns on all unopened items within 30 days from the purchase date
  • We will refund the entire purchase price of the order (minus shipping and a 10% processing fee, unless exceptions have been made in writing)

Please Note

  • Without a return authorization we can not refund your purchase.
  • Once return authorization is issued, your package must be post marked within 5 days to have the items returned promptly.
  • Refunds can only be issued for unopened items and if they are received in good condition.

Should you wish to return any items, you must contact us prior to returning your order.  Items returned without authorization may become lost or delay the refunding process.

Please note that it may take some time to process your return.  Your credit should be finalized 5-10 business days after we receive your returned item to our warehouse.


Please be aware that opened or damaged items can not be returned or refunded.  If there are special circumstances regarding the return or refund of your order, please contact us.  We value your business and will do everything we can to keep you happy.

Shipping Refunds

Every effort is made to ensure a speedy delivery of your order but once your package leaves our hands it is completely at the mercy of any and all shipping companies and customs offices (for international orders).  Delays are not within our control and while we regret any stress or issues this cause, we can not be held accountable for the delays that are caused by third parties.  Under limited circumstances we are able to request a refund for the shipping charges and a credit may be applied to your method of payment but only after we have received the refund from the postal carrier.

U.S. Courier Customers

If your order fails to reach it’s final destination by it’s guaranteed date and time, a partial refund may be credited to your method of payment once we successfully receive the refund from the mail carrier.  We regret the delay in issuing the refund however if we are not able to receive a refund for the delivery, we can not pass this refund on to you.  Under most circumstances a minimum of 50% refund of your shipping charge will be issued.  Unfortunately we can not offer a 100% refund of your shipping costs due to the efforts which we place on all courier packages (a courier order requires an employee to drop everything and dedicate 100% of his/her time in packaging your order and personally driving it over the the post office to be handed over and sent to you).

The information contained here may change without notice.