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What Is DCA?

What is DCA?

DCA, also known as Sodium Dichloroacetate or NaDCA, is a simple molecule that is white in color and has no odor or taste.

In recent studies, the University of Alberta (UA) claims that DCA can be used as a cure for various forms of cancer, including the regression of lung, brain, and breast cancers.  Results from these studies can be found in the research journal Cancer Cell that was published by the researchers from UA.

How Does DCA Work?

To explain “What is DCA“, first we must explain what cancer is.  According to Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at UA, cancer cells are the result when normal cells fail to complete their normal life cycle.  A healthy cell is created, reproduces, and then dies.  The process of replacing old cells with new cells is controlled by the mitochondria.  When the mitochondria fails to function correctly, the cell continues to live and becomes sick.  These old cells accumulate, forming tumors, and the patient then becomes increasingly unwell.

What is DCA?

What is DCA?

It has been a common belief for many years that it was not possible for the mitochondria to function normally again after it has been affected by cancer.  Dr. Michelakis tested this theory with DCA and the results surpassed his expectations.  His hopes were that the DCA tests would cause the mitochondria to produce an enzyme that would help with their restoration.  The actual results showed that by using DCA, not only was the mitochondria prevented from being devastated, but it decreased tumor growth in test tubes and animal models.  Unlike most chemotherapies used today, DCA did not affect healthy cells.

Further tests have also shown that because DCA is a small molecule, it is easy for the body to absorb and therefore  may be used to treat various forms of cancer like brain cancer, which is unreachable by commonly used drugs.

In 2007 doctors from UA, led by Dr. Michelakis, described their research in the scientific journal Cancer Cell.  They described how they used DCA, a small molecule, on rats and discovered that because of the restoration of damaged done by cancer on the mitochondria, the tumors shrank by 70% in three weeks.

What is DCA?  According to Dr. Michelakis, DCA is an effective tool for fighting various forms of cancers in humans and animals.