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Dog Cancer Treatment

Dog Cancer Treatment Options

It can be heart-breaking and traumatic hearing that your beloved family pet has cancer, but is it the end?

Statistics show that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10, and that half of all dog cancers are curable if caught early enough.  Recognizing the symptoms, getting a diagnosis, and quickly starting a dog cancer treatment can make the difference between life and death.

The road to recovery starts with a clear diagnosis and an effective dog cancer treatment plan.  There are new options, and DCA can help!

DCA as a Dog Cancer Treatment

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DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) has had amazing results in reducing tumor size and mass.  In clinical trials, DCA was responsible for reducing tumors by 70% in just three weeks!  (watch the video on the right side of your screen)

Unlike other dog cancer treatment options, DCA only affects cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells intact.  Other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation kill both healthy cells and bad cells, wreaking havoc and leaving patients sick, weak, and suffering.

How Does DCA Work?

For a more detailed explanation, read What Is DCA?

As a dog cancer treatment, DCA can be a humane and effective tool in riding your beloved pet from cancer.

Dog Cancer TreatmentYour dog is made up of trillions of cells, each following the same guideline of grow, reproduce, and die (a healthy cell’s life-cycle).  This process is controlled by the cell’s mitochondria, which tells the older cells to complete their life-cycle and die so that newer cells can take over and keep the body healthy.  If for some reason the mitochondria fails to function properly, the cell will continue to live, becoming sick.  These damaged cells mutate, creating other mutated cells, and cluster together forming tumors.  This causes the pet to become sick and eventually die if left untreated.

DCA used as a dog cancer treatment can correct this process.  DCA is able to turn the mitochondria back on, which in turn tells the cancer cells it’s time to complete their life-cycle and die.  This causes tumors to shrink and eventually rids the body of cancer cells.

Will DCA Work For You?

DCA has helped countless pets achieve a full recovery and return to fun family pet they once were.

Will DCA work for your pet?  Sadly there are no guarantees with any dog cancer treatment.  There are many factors which determine the effectiveness of any treatment, such as early diagnosis, the progression of the disease, the type of cancer, the aggressiveness of the disease, and the fighting power of the pet.  Even in the worst conditions, DCA has helped, but no dog cancer treatment has a 100% success rate.

Your dog has the potential to fully recover.

Dog Cancer Treatment Conclusion

The road to recover can be arduous for both the pet and the owner, but it doesn’t have to be a dead end.  An effective course of DCA as a dog cancer treatment has extended life, improved the quality of life, and in many instances assisted in ridding the body of cancer.

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