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Cat Cancer Treatment

Cat Cancer Treatment

No one wants to hear that their loved one has cancer, and your cat is no exception.  The word “cancer” strikes fear in everyone, but there is hope!  More and more pets are beating the odds and beating this horrible disease.

If your feline friend has received a positive diagnosis, there are new cat cancer treatment options available.

DCA: Cat Cancer Treatment

Cat Cancer Treatment

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A new product called DCA (sodium dichloroacetate) has had many amazing results in clinical trials by dramatically reducing tumors by 70% in just three weeks!

This cat cancer treatment is a massive leap forward unlike conventional cat cancer treatment options such as radiation, chemotherapy, and other prescription drugs because DCA is easily absorbed by the body and only affects cancerous cells.  Treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy wreak havoc on the body, killing good and bad cells, and has to be administered by specialists so the patient doesn’t die before the cancer does.  DCA works in a very specific way, only affecting cancerous cells and leaving health cells intact.

How Does DCA Work?

Pet DCADCA works as an effective cat cancer treatment because it assists in correcting the damaged cells (cancer cells) and leaves healthy cells intact.

Every living creature is made up of trillions of cells which are created, grow, reproduce, and then dies (the cell’s life-cycle).  The mitochondria is what tells the older cells to die when their time has come.  If for some reason the cell’s mitochondria fails to function properly, the cell continues to live and eventually becomes immortal.  The immortal cells mutate and continue to live, reproducing and creating other sick cells.  As the number of sick cells multiply, they group together as tumors and the patient becomes more and more ill.

A cat cancer treatment of DCA can correct this process.  DCA is able to turn the mitochondria back on, which in turn tells the cancer cells it’s time to complete their life-cycle and die.  This causes tumors to shrink and eventually rids the body of cancer cells.

Are there any guarantees?

Is DCA guaranteed to work?  Sadly there are no guarantees with any cat cancer treatment.  The success of a cat cancer treatment depends on many factors, such as early diagnosis, the progression of the disease, strength and fighting power of the pet, and type of treatment administered.  We have seen many successes and expect to see countless more!

Cat Cancer Treatment Conclusion

We’re sorry that your beloved pet has been diagnosed with this horrible disease, but there’s still hope!  We have seen numerous cases where parents have been told that their pets had no chance but they have beaten the odds and are still around today.  Please feel free to Contact Us about any questions you may have.

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